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At Marketing Sense we hit the ground running. Based on your project’s size and budget, we will put together and manage a project team to provide the services you need to meet your goals and to resolve your marketing issues.The professionals on our teams may include marketing consultants, project managers, copywriters, designers, photographers, printers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media experts, direct mail houses – whatever it takes to meet your marketing objectives.

Marketing matters.

Most business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profit directors understand the need for marketing, but often find they are too busy to keep up with their marketing goals. They usually have some kind of marketing plan, whether it consists of scribbles on a cocktail napkin or a 12-page document that’s kept in the bottom drawer. The biggest problem we see – and it happens again and again – is not following the plan. Creating a flurry of activity for a month or two, and then doing nothing for the next three (or six or twelve months) is a formula for failure. Let Marketing Sense help you. We can take on one small aspect of your marketing agenda, or we can plan and manage all of it. We take great pride in developing exceptional marketing plans, public relations and advertising campaigns, strategic events and a wide variety of marketing collateral for our clients.

Marketing Sense has worked with large multinational corporations, small business start-ups and every size in between. We have a special affinity for entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. A list of our industry experience would have to include consumer products, restaurants, caterers, savings and loan, real estate, accounting and professional service firms, banking, not-for-profit agencies, hospitality and many more.

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“Valerie provides clear and thoughtful recommendations about the best marketing materials to use and strategies to implement. Her insight and suggestions have been invaluable to me. As a result of Valerie’s professional expertise I am experiencing success in challenging economic times. Don’t hesitate to invest in your own business success.” Jill McGillen, Next Turn, Coaching & Training Firm

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Juarez Group Company BrochureTown & Country Billiards Promotional FlyerTuff Crew Logo DesignPSB Realty Annual ReviewThe Pampered Home Menu / Post CardMayer Laboratories Advertising, Company and Sales BrochuresFirst Choice Facilities Trade Convention Promotional GiftGeorgia Cares Logo DesignElements Wellness Brochure Portfolio of ServicesUrban Services YMCA BrochureUrban Services YMCA TARC BrochureCollege & Career Fair Advertisement / FlyerHasz Construction Logo Design and Business CardFirst Choice Facilities AdvertisementUrban Services YMCA Youth Art Expo Invitation / FlyerImage Power BookOCPAC Triathlon brochureFinegold Insurance Logo Design and Direct Mail CampaignFleischman Field Research AdvertisementFirst Choice Facilities Advertisement

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“I can only describe in superlatives the innate abilities Ms. Camarda has for ferreting out my deepest marketing ailments (even ones I didn’t know I had) and recommending flawless, timely cures. Thanks to Ms. Camarda’s professionalism and marketing savvy, my company now has an easy course to sail for success.”Charles Urewicz, President, The Solano Group, Inc., Project Management Consultant 

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Is it time to produce a video?

One of my long-time clients, Success Center San Francisco (SCSF), is a non-profit that helps at-risk youth graduate from high school and go on to college or specific career training. They also help people from all over San Francisco find jobs. SCSF had been working on honing their website so there was plenty of new content, descriptions of their services and ways that donors could contribute. But they were missing a critical element that could help them really tell their story well – A VIDEO! When I told the executive director it was time for us to produce a video, she agreed, but said neither she nor any of her staff had the time to do it, let alone think about it. That’s where Marketing Sense came in! We helped create an outline of scenarios of what we needed to depict in the video. We interviewed potential videographers, got estimates and presented them to the executive director. Once we decided on the videographer we listed all of the different locations we would need access to, who we would want to interview and what “B” roll we would need as background for the video. We then created scene scenarios and the shooting schedule based on availability of the participants we wanted to interview and the film crew’s schedule. We helped direct interviewees from behind the camera so that the message they conveyed was on point.    The results of our team’s efforts are what you will see here. I hope you think we told our story well.

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“Your ideas on how to promote our firm made a huge difference! It could not have happened without you! Our clients and prospects are quite impressed. Thank you for all of your help!” – Rita Gibson, Insurance & Investment Services. Inc.

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“I could smell the money I would be making listening to Valerie’s words of wisdom. Her counseling sessions were concise and informative, and I was motivated to take time out of my busy schedule to complete the assignments she gave me to reach my marketing goals.” Kola Onafowode, President, Micro-Easy Computers, Computer Training Institute

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What we do best is to dig into a project and develop a fully integrated marketing program — including organization or product identity, positioning strategy, advertising and public relations campaigns and a complete arsenal of tactical marketing materials.

If you prefer to start out with a project that is smaller in scope, we offer any one or a combination of these:

SERVICES AND PRODUCTS  • Marketing Guidance & Strategic Planning  •  Branding Strategy  • Advertising Campaigns  •  Public Relations Programs / Focus Group Moderation & Research / Report Writing  •  Social Media Set-up & Maintenance  •  Logo Identity Packages / Naming and Tagline Development  •  Organization & Product Identity  •  Market Research  •  Events & Trade Show Planning / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Website Design • Videos

MARKETING MATERIALS  •  Direct Mail  •  Newsletters  •  Surveys  •  Press Kits  • Posters  • Packaging  •  Brochures  •  Product Literature  •  Annual Reports  •  Magazines  •  Videos  • Workshops on Marketing for Entrepreneurial Enterprises • Videos

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“Our marketing consultant, Valerie Camarda, helped us understand the importance of planning not only for the day, but also for the year and years ahead. She helped us reshape our image for the better and suggested many ways to make doing business with our company EASY. Before working with Valerie, I dreaded the concept of marketing because I did not understand how to do it effectively and without being pushy. Valerie really helped me feel more comfortable in my new role as the ‘marketer.’ She is FULL of ideas and is truly passionate about what she does.” Sarah Nasgovitz, Partner, Stella Nonna Food Service

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Marketing strategies maven Valerie Camarda, Marketing Sense. “Our company focuses on practical marketing methods,” explains Valerie Camarda, principal of Marketing Sense. “What we learn in school is theory and that’s important. But in today’s competitive marketplace, none of us has time to philosophize about theory.”     • Valerie developed her own marketing moxie through many years of varied experience. Over the past 20 years, she has done it all. Market Research. Advertising. Public Relations. Marketing Communications. Special Events Planning. Consulting. Teaching. Training. Volunteering. Business Ownership. Entrepreneurship.     •  “I’m very passionate about marketing,” she declares. “My clients know that I care about them. I take the time to listen to them and if necessary, educate them.”     •  As a third-generation entrepreneur, Valerie has special insight into how entrepreneurs think and what they need. “Being an entrepreneur means being a risk-taker. But I believe in pursuing calculated and educated risks,” she emphasizes.     •  “So often entrepreneurs don’t have the time to do their homework and understand their customers or their competition. That’s where Marketing Sense comes in. We provide the marketing information and skills they need.     •  In addition to heading up Marketing Sense, Ms.Camarda finds time to teach marketing classes for entrepreneurs.     •  She has also served as the chair of the marketing communications committee for the San Francisco Chapter of the American Marketing Association and has held leadership positions with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, and was a member of the Board of Directors for the nonprofit Rebuilding Together (formerly Christmas in April) and the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). She recently co-formed A Good Deed Tea, a non-profit that raises money for women’s charities around the world.

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“I can very highly recommend Valerie Camarda as an extraordinarily competent marketing consultant. I have known and worked with her since 1997. She has not let me down ever. She is thorough, organized and very timely. I have always been very pleased with the marketing materials she has produced.” Molly Fleischman, President, Fleischman Field Research

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Cherie Carter, Graphic / Communication Design. Cherie has extensive corporate, financial, healthcare and non-profit business-design / production experience – all things print  as well as logos, WordPress sites and very specialized solutions such as creating a branding iron for a retiring bank CEO-cum-rancher. • Her design solutions are crafted to strategically and creatively promote company brands. • Easy to work with, she’s all about being part of the creative team. • Cherie’s received design awards including some from her clients.

Dale Lee, Graphic Design. Dale has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of graphic design. • A multi-award winner whose designs have been successful in garnering attention and sales of his client’s products and services.

Gary Block, Graphic Design. Gary is an accomplished graphic designer with a critical eye for detail. With over 20 years of experience he responds to every client’s pressure and deadline with a cool head and a calm approach. The result is outstanding quality in the finished product. • Gary helps to turn visual communications into powerful marketing solutions.

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“Valerie Camarda has helped my placement agency develop critical marketing strategies with ease. She has a “can-do-it” personality that proved to be contagious. With her experience, maturity, motivation, and professionalism, Valerie was able to grasp my marketing concerns. Warm, knowledgeable, and fun, she made marketing a bit easier, and left me with ideas to grow on!” Paige Lark, Vet Tech Relief Placement Agency

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It’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest marketing thought leaders in business. Here are five essential marketing books that should be on the bookshelves of every entrepreneur:

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin  •  Guerrilla Marketing by J. Conrad Levinson  •  Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout  •  Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies by Marilyn Ross  •  The Brand Marketing Book by Joe Marconi

USEFUL WEBSITES:   www.entrepreneur.com   •   www.inc.com   •   www.bplans.com

ASSOCIATIONS:   American Marketing Association

ARTICLES OF INTEREST:   Working Effectively with the Media   •   Perfect Your Elevator Pitch   •   The 12 Most Persuasive Words in the English Language

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“Creative, progressive, intelligent, and fun are a few of the words that describe Valerie Camarda, the principal of Marketing Sense. Her firm has been a rich resource as the JuarezGroup was looking to create a marketing strategy from nuts to bolts. It is evident that Valerie Camarda knows all aspects of marketing and goes above and beyond in helping her clients develop an image and marketing approach, which leads to successful results. As a small business, having a firm like Marketing Sense that I can continually count on to keep me current on marketing trends and the best way to market my company is truly invaluable!” Gloria Juarez, Principal, JuarezGroup

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“Valerie is professional and well-versed in marketing and possesses a wealth of information which was communicated in a clear and effective manner. She has helped us gain new insights and given our company the competitive edge to be successful.” Gloria Waters and Jacqueline Caldwell Waters, Caldwell and Associates Environmental Service